How we reinvent "big".

The BAVARIA C57 is the largest sailing yacht we have ever built. She is an expression of aspiration, elegance and finest craftsmanship. From keel to masthead we have equipped her with the best that our designers, engineers and product managers have at their disposal. In short, the BAVARIA C57 is our new definition of magnitude and luxury.

Italien design meets German engineering.

With his business partner Alessandro Ganz, the internationally renowned and multi award-winning designer Maurizio Cossutti has developed the design of the new BAVARIA C57. Together, they have analysed the whole range of benefits of all BAVARIA yachts, further developed them, and transformed them into new and innovative solutions. The new BAVARIA C57 therefore boasts a new and unrivalled high degree of design, function and quality.

Who is Maurizio Cossutti?

  • Internationally renowned and multi award-winning yacht desigenr
  • Studied Naval Engineering at the University of Trieste
  • Over 30 years of experience, and more than 300 completed projects
  • Lead designer for Italia Challenge at 33° America´s Cup

Who is Alessandro Ganz?

  • Well-known and multi award-winning yacht designer
  • Studied Naval Engineering at the University of Trieste and got the MSc. Maritime Engineering Sciences in Yacht and Small Craft at the University of Southampton
  • Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects
  • Part of the Cossutti Yachts team since 2009, and a partner since 2014

Behind every great project stands a great team.

An exceptional project like developing a yacht of the calibre of the BAVARIA C57 always comes with a set of special and unusual challenges – challenges which require a highly adept and experienced team. We would like to introduce you to this team – the people behind the BAVARIA C57 – to their passion, their ideas and their vision.

Maurizio Cossutti reveals his design concept.

"It was important to me and my team to design and build a yacht which would offer high performance on the one hand while being very safe to sail on the other. It also had to have lots of space and be generously appointed. The project is simply wonderful – and part of that is that BAVARIA is such a big, internationally known name, one which people associate with quality and the true art of engineering. We’re very proud to be part of something truly great."

Leo Curin about a big yacht and huge innovations.

"Of course it’s a dream to work for a company as famous as BAVARIA YACHTS. The briefing for the BAVARIA C57 was to create something especially comfortable and large. It had to have a very modern yet classic design which would still look fantastic in 10 to 15 years. And it also had to look good for nature and the environment."

Lutz Henkel about the beginning of a new era.

"We wanted to create something truly big – and we succeeded. We had new partners at our side, a ground-breaking design concept and revolutionary technologies, and we made the new BAVARIA C57 the best sailing yacht in its class. It unites all of our knowledge and strengths and it heralds the beginning of a new era in yacht-building."

Luka Modrijan about functionality an fascination.

"I’m thrilled – there’s no other way of putting it. The BAVARIA C57 is the biggest yacht BAVARIA YACHT has ever built, and working with Cossutti Yacht Design, Pulse Yacht Design and our engineers has been tremendous. All of them are exceptionally highly qualified and possess an enormous amount of specialist knowledge. All I can say is: prepare to be bowled over."

Pioneering design meets exceptional performance.

The new BAVARIA C57 sets trends with its design in the style of a megayacht. The long waterline is impressive, and a high basic speed is guaranteed. Of course the BAVARIA C57 offers perfect sailing characteristics in all wind and weather conditions. And thanks to the new BAVARIA VacuTec technology, we have built a sailing yacht with the BAVARIA C57, which, in addition to its outstanding design and exclusive equipment, also boasts an ultramodern and stable hull. It is a good thing if decades of experience lead to such outstanding results.

The upwind sail area related to the displacement.

  • Square root of 149 sqm sailarea devided cube root of 17 tons displacement = 4.75
  • Traditional sailing yacht = 4.00
  • Performance racer = 5.2

Performance in any windangle.

  • Displacement related to the weight of the keel = 33 %
  • Upwind with mainsail and selftacking jib – windangle 45 true wind – 8.9 boatspeed in 16 knots true wind speed
  • Halfwind with mainsail and genua – windangle 90 true wind – 10.4 knots boatspeed in 16 knots of true wind speed
  • Downwind with mainsail and code 0 – windangle windangle 120 true wind – 10.9 knots boatspeed in 16 knots of true wind speed
  • Downwind main sail and gennaker – windangle 160 true wind – 9.2 knots boatspeed in 16 knots of true wind speed

Individuality knows no limits.

  • 3 rig options: carbon, roller or aluminium mast
  • 3 boom options: carbon, standard aluminium or Park Avenue
  • 2 keel options: cast iron keel with 2.52 m depth, or flat cast iron keel with 1.99 m depth
  • 3 different canvasses and sail shapes to choose from
  • 3 mainsail options: standard mainsail, battened mainsail, or roller mainsail
  • 2 downwind sails: gennaker and Code 0
  • 2 headsails: self-tacking jib and overlapping genoa sails

Interior perfection in a new dimension.

Thanks to large panoramic windows and an intelligent lighting concept, the BAVARIA C57 is as impressive as it is right and proper for a flagship from BAVARIA YACHTS. With a surface area of 88 sqm, the BAVARIA C57 offers the largest living space in its class. You will notice this immediately when you enter the salon via the wide companionway. Our designers have built so many amazing details that you will be thrilled – as far as the eye may see!

An absolute speciality is the pantry – the fully-functional stove, the gas oven, and the elegant sink are located on the port side. The spacious fridge, which includes a practical freezer compartment, and a large work surface are located on starboard. Thanks to this innovative layout several people can help to prepare culinary delights at the same time.

After a long day of sailing on the ocean and a shared meal, the relaxation time is never too short. The large VIP cabins with extra-wide berths await guests at the rear of the boat. In the 3-cabin version, there is a bathroom for each guests. The owners sleep in a large cabin at the front of the vessel, with an en-suite bathroom and a considerable amount of storage space.

  • Owner version with 3 cabins: The owner cabin consists of a suite with a queen-size bed, head room and separate shower. At the stern, there are two VIP cabins each with their own private head room. A separate shower can be accessed from the saloon.
  • Family friendly with 4 cabins: If you and your family need four cabins with eight sleeping places, go for the version with two cabins at the foreship. Each cabin benefits from its own private head room.
  • The 5th cabin for friends or long cruises: If you need ten sleeping places on board, there’s also the option of a cabin with bunk beds in the saloon. Optional this cabin is also great for use as a utility room with washing machine and dryer. That way, you can feel independent, even on long cruises.
  • Skipper’s heaven: The crew members can request their very own cabin at the bow of the boat, naturally with their own toilet. The crew will feel right at home here.

Simply set sails.

The BAVARIA C57 not only captivates with its size, but also impresses with its perfect sailing characteristics: both helm stations offer the perfect view of the sails and of the whole yacht. All of the important navigation instruments are available at the helm station and the drive can also be operated comfortably from both control panels. All sheets and halyards are connected to the 2 x 2 winches directly in front of the helm stations. This does not only lead to a great sailing experience, it also makes sailing the BAVARIA C57 extremely easy – even with the smallest crews.

Simply relax.

Equally comfortable are the sunbathing areas on the BAVARIA C57. There are three of these on the deck. On the fordeck, you can breathe in the sea air as you sunbathe beneath the sails. The vast reclining area offers the best view. The cockpit tables can be lowered, thus creating two vast, comfortable relaxing areas, along with the large seating areas.

Simply enjoy.

You will always feel comfortable on the BAVARIA C57. Two extra-large lounge seating areas in the cockpit offer safe seating. The two large tables in front of them offer plenty of space for an enjoyable evening meal in the harbour with friends. The menu can either be prepared in the pantry, or on the great BBQ grill in the wet bar of the cockpit.

Simply be happy.

Everything works on the BAVARIA C57 – even the bathing platform in the stern. Once you arrive in a secluded bay, a true bathing paradise opens up. In the practical dinghy garage, there is a lot of room for fun aquatic gadgets. After splashing around, you can wash off the salt water in the integrated shower on the bathing platform.